My Review of Our New GE® 30″ Free-Standing Gas Convection Range with No Preheat Air Fry

GE® 30″ Free-Standing Gas Convection Range with No Preheat Air Fry

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

What we loved about this stove is its versatility potential. The oven can function as a broiler (on either high or low setting), a convection oven (with a convection setting for either bake or roast), and an air fryer, as well as a general oven. In addition, there is a separate ‘warm’ setting for keeping the temperature of hot foods up. However, I would be apprehensive to keep food in on this setting for too long because most foods will dry out quickly this way. The manual also states that this setting can be used to crisp crackers, chips, or dry cereal. The stovetop area has an oval-shaped central burner with a griddle top that I’ve found is great for making french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches. The stovetop burners all work really well. The burner flames on our previous stovetop had shrunk in circumference over the years with our “power burner” eventually giving off such a low flame that made it useless. The largest burner flame on this new stovetop has a very wide circumference and a nice tall flame, which makes boiling in large pots or cooking in a large skillet much more efficient.

Another feature of this stove that I love is the option to steam clean the oven interior. Because we have a pet bird, we are not able to run our oven in self clean mode as this produces fumes that are extremely hazardous to birds. I have found that this feature works very well. Although our oven interior has not yet had a chance to get very greasy, after running the steam clean mode, I have been able to wipe the interior completely clean.

The one feature we were most excited about was the air fry mode. Unfortunately, this has been the only feature so far that has disappointed us a little. My husband loves to air fry and was hoping that this would provide the same outcome as our small counter-top air fryer but with a larger food capacity. We have both agreed, however, that the small counter-top appliance does a much better job at crisping food. I think the interior of the oven is just too spacious to efficiently circulate hot air close enough to the food’s surface. Because of the amplified space of the oven, food takes much longer in the air fry oven than in the small counter-top air fryer but comes out much less crisp.

The storage drawer at the bottom is another point of contention for me. It was very important that we continue to have the available storage drawer in our replacement stove because our kitchen is on the small side and we have limited storage space. On the plus side, the drawer is deep enough to continue storing the lids to all our pots and pans, however, the drawer seems a bit flimsy and wobbles easily when its closed.

Overall pros:

  • Oven interior is very versatile
  • The convection feature is great for baking
  • The broil feature is great for searing a nice crust onto meat
  • The stovetop griddle increases the cook-space capacity in a great way
  • The steam clean mode is a great way to clean the oven interior without a lot of effort or worrisome fumes

Overall Cons:

  • The air fry feature is disappointing
  • Storage drawer is flimsy and wobbly

Thanks for reading!

Remember to always make a conscientious effort.

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