My Review of Our New GE® Top Control with Plastic Interior Dishwasher with Sanitize Cycle & Dry Boost

GE® Top Control with Plastic Interior Dishwasher with Sanitize Cycle & Dry Boost

Overall rating: 3.9 out of 5

Although our previous dishwasher still got the job done, I never knew exactly what job it was doing because all the indicator lights had long gone out. We hadn’t been able to reliably set the cycles in such a long time that we all but forgot that was a thing. This new dishwasher is great at cleaning dishes but I do have some qualms with its design.


Firstly, there is some convenience to the wash cycles that are available. I find that when I have tried out the AutoSense feature, at least in the case with our dishes, the duration tends to be the same length as the duration of the Normal cycle. This probably indicates that the AutoSense feature sets Normal as the necessary wash cycle, which is actually what we most often keep the cycle set at. I don’t have much use for the Heavy cycle but I do occasionally use the 1 Hour cycle and can see where it may save water.


Heated Dry: I always keep the heated dry feature on and, while I do use a rinse aid which may enhance drying, I think this works pretty well with the exception of the deep wells on the underside of beer mugs. The heated dry feature adds 48 minutes to the total cycle time but my kids are not usually in too much of a hurry to put the dishes away when they’re done anyway.

Dry Boost: I have not yet felt a need to use this option, which only adds additional heated drying time. Maybe I’ll try it out the next time the beer mugs go through the dishwasher, but I still think the bottoms of those mugs just hold too much water.

Wash Temp Boost: I keep this feature off because I have not yet felt that the condition of the dishes made it necessary. I also worry that the increase in temperature of this feature may warp some of the kids’ cups or food storage plastics. Maybe I’ll bake something with a lot of cheese in a glass dish and pop it in after just a light rinse to see how this feature performs.

Bottle Jets: I love the four bottle jets and frequently use them to clean my sport bottles. This adds an extra 23 minutes to any wash cycle so we make sure the setting is off when it’s not needed, to save water.

Steam Sani: I use this feature when I have a need to use the third rack for steam cleaning or when I feel the dishes need extra sanitation. Again though, I worry that the increase in temperature of this feature may warp the plastic of the kids’ cups.

By far though, my favorite feature of this dishwasher is the built-in Piranha Hard Food Disposer. The only service call I ever had to make with my previous kitchen appliances was because a food clog in the dishwasher had caused the motor to burn out after less than three months. I have been extremely diligent about rinsing dishes completely ever since that incident. With the hard food disposer in this new dishwasher, although I’ve not relaxed my habit of rinsing dishes before loading them, I have relaxed my anxiety about dealing with a clogged dishwasher again.


The one fault of this appliance is, again, the one feature I was most excited about, the steam shelf. In our previous dishwasher, I kept a dishwasher basket, exactly like this one, to keep small utensils and things from falling through. I was excited to be able to get rid of that and use the steam shelf for those things and more but it turned out to be a logistics nightmare. I could not fit my tall sport bottles in over the bottle jets with the top steam shelf in place unless I dropped the top dish rack to the lower position. However, when I dropped the top dish rack to the lower position, I found that I could not fit dinner plates in the bottom dish rack. Bottom Line: you can either have use of the bottle jets or you can have use of the steam shelf, but not both. In my case, the bottle jets are more convenient than the steam shelf, so I store the steam shelf in the case I’ll need it one day.

Overall Pros:

  • All the button indicators light up
  • Piranha Hard Food Disposer
  • The bottle jets are super convenient
  • Washes dishes great

Overall Cons:

  • The three-shelf design, a major selling point, is just not practical

Thanks for reading!

Remember to always make a conscientious effort.

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